Tiers of Joy — Planning and Structuring Your Content in Office 365

Thursday, November 23, 2017

How you plan the information architecture of your SharePoint environment is an important decision. You must put some time in to really understand your content and make sure that the structure of your content is going to both, satisfy the current needs of your users and properly plan for the future of your environment. I’ve seen in many environments, because they didn’t have a proper plan, they have turned into the equivalent of a data hoarders dream. Content here, content there, content everywhere with no formal structure. Users end up lost, confused, and don’t come back.

Your goal for organizing your environment is to enable your users to Discover, Recover, and Follow Up with their content. Doing so will enhance your user’s experience with your environment and promote user adoption across the board. Fortunately, Office 365 and SharePoint Online have brought better tools to the table to combat this overrun of content but it’s not fool proof. You will still be required to have a good understanding of your content to know where it’s going.