Groups in Outlook vs Microsoft Teams vs SharePoint Online vs Yammer

Thursday, November 23, 2017

What are the differences between all Microsoft’s group collaboration products?

Last week I wrote about how I believe Microsoft Teams is the new front end for team collaboration. In the post I touched on the differences between the user experiences that are available. I also promised a deeper dive into this hot topic and here it is.

Which product?

The big question I get from users from organizations I work with is…

“Which product do I use to work with my team?”

Jasper Oosterveld blogged last week also on collaboration overload.

“Imagine your organization makes use of Teams, Groups, SharePoint and Yammer. How are regular users going to find anything? Are you going to look in Teams? Yammer? SharePoint? Groups?” Jasper Oosterveld

I also have had the same concerns from users. People like to keep things simple. The acquisition of Yammer made the decision for users more complicated. Adding Groups in Outlook to Office 365 made this even more complex!

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